Toppers Club London

Whatever your gender, orientation, shape, size, colour, nationality, religion, preference, fetish, kink… all are welcome at Toppers Club, London’s friendliest BDSM/Fetish club!

First Timers and Newbies are especially welcome to Toppers BDSM Club.  We have a minimum dress code of all black clothing (no denim though sorry) which we do especially for newbies because fetish clothing can be expensive, especially if you’re undecided, feeling uncertain, or not quite sure what to expect – we want you to be comfortable! Give Gloria a quick call after 7pm on 07963 674 199 or text anytime if you have any queries. You may also email anytime and someone will get back to you when they have a moment.

Toppers BDSM Club!

Welcome, your Hostesses are Miss G Vious (Gloria) – a T-Girl Dominant, and Goddess Cleo, a long-standing London-based Professional Dominatrix.  Together Goddess Cleo and Gloria run Toppers BDSM/Fetish Club, along with the help of a team of lovely, dedicated House Doms and House Dommes, House Submissives, House Slaves and Toppers Club Ambassadors who ensure everyone feels welcome and all adhere to SSC (safe, sane & consensual) play and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).  We cater to the wide variety of fetishes, kinks and fantasies of all the kinksters that attend Toppers, much more than any other Fetish club in London. Anything goes, literally! (within reason and legalities, of course!)

Details for Toppers


Toppers Club is regular, it’s held on the second Friday of each month!

Doors Open on Fridays at 9pm, and lock again at 6am.
As Toppers Club is open until very late, we request that you please give due to consideration to the local residents and keep the noise levels to a minimum when you arrive/leave. (Thank you!)

Tickets are available on the door, just turn up – £20 single entry, £30 for couples.  Alternatively advance tickets can be purchased cheaper online HERE!. There is no guest list.

Venue The Flying Dutchman, 156 Wells Way, Camberwell SE5 7SY.
By bus, you can get to Flying Dutchman by buses 343/N343 and 136 from either London Bridge or Elephant & Castle. It stops right outside the Flying Dutchman. The stop is called Burgess Park/St Georges way.

Dress Code for ANY GENDER/ORIENTATION is fetish attire (this can be anything from latex, pvc, corsets, leather, lingerie, masks, .  A minimum of black clothing is acceptable but NO DENIM, that means jeans are not allowed, and NO STREET CLOTHES (except for our all black policy).  We also accept male or female dark colour suits, so a dark business suit, tuxedo, formal dinner suit, dark matching 3 piece suit – the suit pieces must match, and you must look SMART/SHARP and/or DAPPER/SEXY (as relevant to your gender). Nudity is also acceptable, however we request you refrain from touching your genitals in the public bar areas (for hygiene reasons).

We are also able to assist with transforming any adventurous boys looking to express their more feminine side, or ladies if you would like your make up done and/or oufit styling (limited range available) our stylist Talullahhh is on hand. If you would like to facilitate the services of our stylist, please contact Gloria ahead of time (at least 24 hours) in order to arrange for our lovely stylist to meet up beforehand or early on the night at Toppers. Depending on the service there is a nominal fee of between £10-£20 for this as our stylist uses her own supplies.

Enquiries – please phone Gloria after 7pm daily on 07963 674199 or text her anytime. You may also email anytime.

Each of our House Dominants, House Submissives and Toppers Club Ambassadors are very approachable so you can explain to them what you are looking for, or if they are busy you can speak to Miss G (also known as Gloria).  Nobody will be shocked by anything you may request, but please remember that each Dominant has his/her own limits and specialties, and it is discretionary as to whether your play request is granted.  That said, between us all we cover nearly all fetish desires.  Don’t be shy about approaching one of us.  You can also talk to Gloria, and she will see about arranging who may be able to deal with the play you desire.

Aside of our regular House Dominants, we have Guest Doms/Dommes that like to join in the fun and look after your comfort and safety.  If a Master or Mistress isn’t wearing a Toppers badge then please do not approach them to play. Wait until asked or ask our Head Dominants Ally or Goddess Cleo to introduce you.  We value respect and good manners above all else.

Whatever your gender, orientation, shape, size, colour, nationality, religion, preference, fetish, kink… all are welcome at Toppers Club, London’s friendliest BDSM/Fetish club!

Strictly over 18 years.  If you look under 25 you may be asked to provide photo ID (a current drivers license or passport is acceptable).